h2Vision Functional was formed in 1984 to offer comprehensive and specialized vision care to people. It is the only group practice in Puerto Rico to offer a full scope of eye care to people of all ages. There are doctors of different specialties, but had a common philosophy to take care of their patients. Together we provide our patients all the care that he or she needs.

We understand that visual problems are connected with the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of a person. Throughout all these years, we have successfully adhered to our philosophy of providing the best eye care possible to our patients. When a patient comes to us, he or she has to go through a complete vision and eye health assessment. During the evaluation, the patient’s academic, occupational and recreational needs are taken into consideration. We discuss both conventional and alternative treatment options with our patients. Before going to the actual treatment, we teach nutrition and relaxation techniques to the patient so that he of she becomes comfortable with the actual treatment.

If you live in Puerto Rico and is looking for a good eye treatment facility, please come to us. Let us take care of your eye and give you a better life.