People now spend most of their time on electronic gadgets. They either read on e-readers, text on smartphones, play on tablets or type on laptops. Constant use of technology doesn’t cause any permanent damage to vision. But if you stare at bright screens for hours, it can lead to smaller eye problems. These are some common eye ailments that are caused by high exposure to bright lights of the electronic devices.


If you look at your laptop screen for a long time, it will cause headaches. When you read the dark print on a very bright background, it can lead to spasms of the muscles at the temples. This causes stress headaches. For this reason, e-readers such as Amazon Kindle have black text displayed on a gray background.

Dry eye

When you look at something in the distance, your eyes sometimes blink automatically. This blink rate slows down when you look at something closer. This means that tears dry out faster than when you are frequently blinking. When you look at the screens of your smartphone or laptop for a long time, your eye gets drier it might cause itching.

Eye strain

When you look at something close, your eyes converge to some extent. The pupils get small, and the eye muscles adjust the size of the lens. So, the tow eyes converge. This can cause headaches. The eyes are at a comfortable state when the eyes are parallel.

To avoid these ailments, you should practice looking away from the screen a few times an hour so that your eye muscles get a break and less strain is caused to your eyes.


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