At Vision Functional, we provide both comprehensive and specialist eye care treatments. Some of our services include:

Vision therapy


It is a very effective non-surgical treatment for various common visual problems like the lazy eye, double vision, crossed eyes, reading and learning disabilities, etc. People who cannot get any permanent treatment for their eye can benefit from vision therapy.

Neuro-optometric care


We treat patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, concussion, chronic inflammation within the brain, tumor, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, etc. that can eventually affect the nervous system.

Low vision rehabilitation


We can restore the functioning of your eyes after vision loss or low vision. Vision rehabilitation services let people who are blind to have low vision so that they can continue to live on their own and maintain a quality life.

Strabismus treatment


Strabismus is an eye condition when a person cannot align both eyes simultaneously. One or both eyes may turn in, out, up or down. We treat strabismus for both adult and children.

All these treatments are provided by expert eye specialists. They have many years of experience treating these eye problems. Patients of all ages come to us. We provide high-quality treatment that rarely has any side effects. We help the patient get accustomed to the treatment by counseling. For any eye problem, especially the ones mentioned, come to us.